In 2022-23 we at Association of Christian Camps are focused on:

1. Evacuating, accommodating in camps and providing humanitarian aid to those fleeing the war.

Christian camps and conference centers have opened to all who need protection and care, and have become a place of temporary accommodation for thousands of refugees.

2. Sponsoring Children and Youth to Attend Christian Camps

In summer 2022, during the war, 200 camps operated in Ukraine and Europe for Ukrainian children. We as Association of Christian Camps provided financial assistance in the amount of $75,000 US dollars to the camps that had applied to us for funding. Mostly, the camps that operated in summer 2022 were day camps. In these camps, more than six thousand children were able to find refuge, peace of mind and encounter spiritual truths.

For one child to go to camp in Ukraine, it costs an average of 10 US dollars per day. We estimate that in 2023 we will be able to steward effectively and responsibly a total of $250,000 US dollars to sponsor Ukrainian children and youth to attend Christian camps.

3. Conferences, seminars, and skill-development workshops for Christian camp staff.

Since 1996, Association of Christian Camps and Conference Centers in Ukraine has been actively supporting professional training programs for Christian camp staff. During the martial law, since February 24, 2022, our training projects have mostly been taking place in the format of webinars. And yet even in these circumstances, since the beginning of 2022, we have trained 737 camp leaders through our programs.

In the event a project has not been implemented or there are any funds remaining unused, those funds shall be used to support other projects of the Association, to finance expenses related to the Association’s operating costs, its goals and objectives and areas of activities defined by the Association’s Charter.
Charitable contributions in the form of voluntary donations sent to the Association are generally non-refundable.

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Association of Christian Camps and Conference Centers known as CCI-Ukraine was founded by Kingdom Ventures, Inc, Canada, in 1996 and currently brings together Christian camps, conference centers, camping organizations and their leaders.

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